Product Development

We design, manufacture and deliver.
In your brand.

Fabrics and garments categories Chichampe have done for our customers.
Over 20 years of experience with national brands sourcing directors, retailers, fashion designers, and new companies.

Functional Fabrics

Made from cellulose with functional features you need,
in a purely natural way.


Maintains gentle skin conditions by controlling pH value on fabrics. High deodorizing effect.


Sustainably harvested from Icelandic waters. Rich in minerals and vitamins. Innovative for its high antioxidant property, helping to protect the skin from free radical damage.


Extremely lubricating, with rich collagen peptide amino acid, derived from recycled fish scale.

SmartcelTM Sensitive

Contains the essential trace element zinc. Blends with smartcel™ sensitive promotes healthier skin and controls odor due to the antibacterial properties of zinc.

Cell Solution® CLIMA

Absorb excessive heat (from the body or environment), accumulate it and release it under certain conditions. This allows temperature regulation for wearer.


Cellulosic fibre where increased
absorbency is required.  Makes undergarment stretch, recover, stay put, wick sweat, dry fast & keep cool.

Natural Additive


We create textile and garments with functionalities, in a purely natural way, using cellulose fiber.


Customize Chichampe for your niche.
We work closely with you from design,
production to packaging and deliver.

Chichampe Fabrics Inc. is a Taiwan-based company founded in 2013. Chichampe is spechialized in making high performance and functional textiles with innovative cellulose fibers. At Chichampe, we work closely with you to create fabrics unique for your niche, with speed and passion.