through recycling

Recycled doesn't mean disappear. The thrown away clothing that ends up in landfills take more than 200 years to decompose. As the waste decomposes, it emits meth- ane—a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon. It is time to consider some alternatives - biodegradable fabrics.


Plant-based functional fabrics for sportswear and swimsuit material that focus on the balance of functionality and biodegradability. A thoughtful fabric collection that meets today's sportswear trend.

What is VegeDry

VegeDry is cellulose-based fabrics with water-repellent property. The water-repellent property is incorporated in the fibre matrix during the spinning process, making water-repellent effect permanent. The water-repellent additive is derived from sustainable material, which is U.S. FDA and BfR approved. The fabric is economical in its use of energy and natural resources and is fully biodegradable.

How to save the planet while
exercising in style?

VegeDry balances functionality with sustainability in several ways. First, it is a plant-based fabric which is comfortable, soft, and breathable, in compare to those that made of nylon or polyester, which are usually restrictive and uncomfortable. Secondly, VegeDry's functionalities are naturally incorporated into its structure, not blended with other synthetic fibers or chemical treatments as needed in other natural fabrics like cotton. This makes VegeDry a great sustainable option. With VegeDry's water-repellent property, it is ideal for period underwear, swimsuit, or base layer clothing for most of the sportswear.

'Sustainable fashion' searches surged in 2019 based on Google trend result

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a brand that is not incorporating some kind of sustainability effort into its operation. It starts with fast fashion, and we expect it be more of a standard in the sportswear industry.

Advantages and Uses of VegeDry

Period Underwear

Plant-based fabric that are naturally breathable and moist-wicking. No more hot and sweaty! U.S. FDA and BfR approval making the fabric safe and suitable to be worn next to the skin.


Water-repellent functionalities naturally incorporated into the fabric without chemical additives or treatments. None-restrictive properties good for even divers, surfers, sailboarders, water-skiers, and other cold water sports enthusiasts.

Base Layer Clothing

Maintaining right body temperature and wick away moisture (often caused by sweat) from the skin to stop dampness and cold setting in. Save the planet while exercising in comfort.

About Us

Chichampe was conceived and designed around the philosophy of sustainability. Algae, recycled fish scale, milk, zinc oxides. If your role is to make what the future wears, Chichampe can help. At Chichampe, our everyday task is to look for reliable source of skin-friendly fibres, make them into fabrics and apparels for brands and private labels. We work with buyers, merchandise and brand managers to take the product from concept to production. Our experience in developing innovative new products will support the smooth start-up of your product production.

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